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Wedding Photography

After the dress is packed away, the last crumb from the cake is eaten, your make up washed off and the band plays their last note, all you are left with are your memories. It is so important to immortalise them through your wedding photography in a style that speaks to you. I love mingling with people and tagging along at weddings. It’s the best office workplace in the whole world. I often come home from a wedding feeling like I have just made a brand new set of friends. I walk alongside you from the beginning to the end and see everything in-between. And I love it.

Hopefully, by browsing my website, you will have gained an impression of how I like to shoot – laid back, natural moments, people as they are and always always always a snap in good light (if at all possible in this corner of the world!) I would say I am borderline obsessive about good light.

I only take on a limited amount of weddings per year so that I can fully focus on each one meticulously. I tend to work best with couples whom are relaxed in nature, don’t sweat the small stuff and aren’t overly regimental about their wedding // step away bridezillas and put those Pinterest copy shots and lenghtly posed family shot lists in the bin please! 🙂

If you trust me and my eyes to do my thing and are more likely to be the type of couple dancing in your bare feet by the end of the night with a glass of something stronger than tea in your hand, then hit me up.

We are about to become friends.

Pricing starts from £1600.

I also can offer bespoke packages for those planning weddings abroad. Popular dates book up quickly, for example Bank Holiday weekends and Easter, so please get in touch sooner rather than later and I will send you my lovely new brochure. I would love to meet you so don’t be afraid to contact me for a natter here!


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