Leanne and Ryan – Bangor Castle Wedding

I have been very busy lately trying to get through all my wedding editing so my blog has been a bit neglected, but I got up this morning, the sun was shining and it reminded me of Leanne and Ryan’s beautiful sunny wedding day last September and I just thought it was high time to relive this one.

A couple of things really stood out at Leanne and Ryan’s day. Number one – the sheer amount of people and general good will of everyone surrounding this young couple as they went in to say their vows was amazing! It felt like most of Bangor had congregated outside the Church that afternoon to take photos and shake hands with this lovely pair. Another thing was the amount of bold boys (and the occasional girl) sneaking iPad and phones into their pockets to watch football, golf, sport results etc. etc!! There was more than one sweeping a little sneaky peek during the day!! I have caught a few of you in here 🙂 This is no real surprise given the impressive sporting heritage of both families which was alluded to in the speeches, another great highlight of the day. Overall, it was a lovely, relaxed and happy day in general to be a part of. Take a look and see if you are in here! Thank you for having me there, it was a pleasure x

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