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Wedding Photography for Couples who Live in the Moment.

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Honest and truthful storytelling combined with a feminine, elegant approach. Softly walking alongside you, I like to capture you at your best. After all, this day is about you. Whatever your vision is for your wedding day, make it remarkable. A once in a lifetime celebration of everything that you are.

Multi-Featured and Multi Award Winning Photography since 2012

remember what it felt like to be there

timeless – authentic – bespoke

My style is refined, with a touch of fine-art and considered curation. I adore natural light and natural, candid moments. Chosen by other Wedding Industry stalwarts such as Wedding Florists, Wedding Photographers, Wedding Videographers, and Dress Designers to shoot their own Weddings.

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Meet Hannah

Winner of the Professional Photography Association of Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year 2022, Wedding Documentary Photographer of the Year 2022, Licentiate Photographer of the Year 2021 and 2022 and recipient of Awards from the PPANI for Album Design and Creative Work in 2021. Recognised as one of the Best Portrait Photographers of 2020 in the International Looks Like Film Community.

An experience that feels as natural as possible yet getting those important shots

Beautiful Moments & Lasting Memories curated

As a Wedding Photographer with over a decade of experience, I have photographed Weddings all over the country, in every season, in every weather condition you can imagine. I have worked with couples who have barely had a camera in their life, to those who work in the Wedding Industry or are Photographers themselves. It continues to be a privilege to be invited into your lives for that one day, where everything centres on you and yours. No two stories are the same. Emotions can run high. Many factors come in to play. And as you look upon my website, you may find yourself drawn to the natural feel of my work. As if I wasn’t there at all. This is because, to do the best job I possibly can, it is important to me that you not only like my work, but that you are comfortable as a person too.

Because Photography is a service industry. I do everything I can to get those moments you can’t see. My persona will be quietly present on your Wedding Day and will reflect in your images, in your facial expressions. It is important to me that we are a good fit. That you are comfortable in my presence. Because, although everything feels natural, I am actually physically there! If I could wear an invisible cloak, I would, but it hasn’t been invented yet! So if you can relax and let me do my thing beside you, I promise it will be worth it. Mentally, let go of the feeling “I am being Photographed”, don’t overthink things. Let things happen naturally and embrace it all. I am on your team. In this world of Ipads and Iphones, everyone is a photographer. If you can embrace the natural, then thats how your photos will be.


“We can’t thank you enough for creating such beautiful works of art. Stunning…”



It may not seem so important now, but in ten, twenty, thirty years time, your Wedding Album will gain in value exponentially. After the cake is eaten, the dress is packed away and the band has played their last note, what are you left with?

You are left with the memories of it all.

Don’t leave those moments languishing on a dusty pen drive. Professional Fine Art Albums are furniture. They are bespoke, built to last. They are made to withstand time. These are for the eyes of today but also of those not yet born. Think of this as your Heirloom, a testament to who you are, your beginnings.

And although they do increase the price today, they will become priceless tomorrow

industry recognised

Chosen by other Wedding Industry stalwarts such as Wedding Florists, Wedding Photographers, Wedding Videographers, and Wedding Dress Designers to shoot their own Weddings.

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It is something you can’t quite put your finger on, but sometimes, a photographers work will simply “speak” to you. If my style is potentially reflective of what you feel is akin to your own taste and aesthetic, then take a further look at the examples below or a deeper look at recent weddings I have shot over in my portfolio and see if you are right.



If you feel a connection to my work please contact me and tell me all about your special day. I shoot a very limited number of weddings per year to ensure that I give my very best to those that book me.

Quality over quantity is my mantra.

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