Meet Hannah

Welcome to my website – I am a thirtysomething shorty called Hannah and I love weddings and taking photographs. It’s as simple as that! I am married with three children and they are my greatest joy in life.
I live in Armagh, one of the oldest places in Ireland, and I love where I live. I am the least snobby person in the entire world, love old things/retro looking things, a good natter and like nearly every other Photographer I have ever met I love coffee. Lots and lots of it. I need it to function (I repeat – three kids). I am a fan of all types of music, it needs to be on all the time. I love trees and wild flowers, crumbly old buildings, anything Jane Austen, being in France and little bits of history. I also have a loud laugh that I try to repress. I find there is humour to be found in the most silly or serious parts of life.

The Approach

I have always been into arty pursuits. Always. As of 2022 I will have been shooting weddings for ten years. I still get excited before each one. My mind is a hum of activity, thinking about weddings, the couples and locations I am booked for and what way the images will reflect the story. What I can add to it and what can I bring to the table for my couples. It really is a labour of love.
I shoot on a mixture of digital, medium format and 35mm film cameras. I am not a fan of traditional "overly set up" photography and try to avoid stiff looking, overly formal photos as much possible. I approach a wedding as a story, with every image I take building up an entire picture of your day, piece by piece. I look for these three things – good light, good connections and all things natural. That is my trinity. I don’t look for perfection. I am much more inclined to take photographs in a patch of wild weeds than a designated “photo location”! If a little one is pulling faces, then let them! Thats their personality – its real.
And you will look back on those types of images in years to come and really smile as it was genuine. I think its best to just let things happen. Let the wind blow in your hair, feel the grass under your feet and embrace it.

My work has taken me all over Ireland. I have been published in a few magazines and websites in the past few years as well as being nominated for the odd award. Although these achievements are lovely, they are not what motivate me. I don’t care about pushing for likes on social media or things like that. I do not advertise or attend Wedding Fairs/Fayres. I like to fly under radar and do not make much fuss about myself. After all, its about you, not me. But I do care about going on amazing adventures with lovely couples on the biggest day of their life. For me, its quality over quantity. When my couples cry with emotion seeing their final images, its all the validation I want. Most people find me through word of mouth from formally pleased couples, so that is the best feeling.

The official legit stance - I am a qualified member of the PPANI and I am a fully insured, full time Wedding Photographer. Just incase you are into that kind of thing!

Want to know a little bit more about how I shoot people for a living? 🙂 Sure thing! Just hit my Contact page. Thanks for stopping by my page and enjoy planning your wedding day! Hannah x

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Multi-Award Winning

Fine Art Photographer

Winner of the Professional Photography Association of Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year 2022, Wedding Documentary Photographer of the Year 2022, Licentiate Photographer of the Year 2021 and 2022 and recipient of Awards from the PPANI for Album Design and Creative Work in 2021. Recognised as one of the Best Portrait Photographers of 2020 in the International Looks Like Film Community.