Cara and Paul – Dublin Engagement Shoot

December 11, 2017

Christmas is traditionally the time of year for engagements, so I thought I would take a quick moment away from my editing to share this lovely engagement session with you all. I have so many beautiful wedding and engagement sessions to share with you in the coming months, but as this is quite Christmassy, it just seemed the right time!

Cara and Paul’s session in Dublin a few weeks ago was a really enjoyable wee adventure. We just took time out to dander around the streets and spend time hanging out in the areas of Dublin that mean a lot to them as a couple. Favourite restaurants and shops. This is exactly what an engagement session should be! The documenting of a story and place that mean something to the people at the heart of the session.

We had such a great time we shot until night fell! So looking forward to their wedding next year but until then, have a look at our little day trip in the city!

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