Wedding Photography

After the dress is packed away, the last crumb from the cake is eaten, your make up washed off and the band plays their last note, all you are left with are your memories.

It is so important to immortalise them through your wedding photography in a style that speaks to you. I love mingling with people and tagging along at weddings. It’s the best office workplace in the whole world. I often come home from a wedding feeling like I have just made a brand new set of friends. I walk alongside you from the beginning to the end and see everything in-between. And I love it.

Hopefully, by browsing my website, you will have gained an impression of how I like to shoot – laid back, natural moments, people as they are and always always always a snap in good light (if at all possible in this corner of the world!) I would say I am borderline obsessive about good light.

I only take on a limited amount of weddings per year so that I can fully focus on each one meticulously. I tend to work best with couples whom are relaxed in nature, don’t sweat the small stuff and aren’t overly regimental about their wedding // step away bridezillas and put those Pinterest copy shots and lenghtly posed family shot lists in the bin please! 🙂

If you trust me and my eyes to do my thing and are more likely to be the type of couple dancing in your bare feet by the end of the night with a glass of something stronger than tea in your hand, then hit me up.

We are about to become friends.

Pricing plans starts from £1650 with full day coverage plans from £1950.

I also can offer bespoke packages for those planning weddings abroad. Popular dates book up quickly, for example Bank Holiday weekends and Easter, so please get in touch sooner rather than later and I will send you my lovely new brochure. I would love to meet you so don’t be afraid to contact me to see if we are a good fit.

The kind of reactions from my couples


Omg Hannah!!! Wow! Like just WOW!!! They’re amazing! Absolutely unbelievable! Love them! Thank you so so much ❤️ you are so talented
The thing we all said about you, you wouldn’t have even known you were there. Except for making us belly laugh at your jokes! You were honestly fantastic and I’ve been singing your praises to everyone! Thank you! Not just for the photos but being an absolute delight to have there on the day! These photos are just out of this world and we will totally treasure them! As I’ve said before you were the only thing I booked for the wedding that I didn’t question or second guess on at all!



That’s about all I can say right now. Oh my goodness.. we are completely blown away... I mean SERIOUSLY.. Wow!! So many emotions watching you tell our story. You are an artist - your signature style of ‘in the moment’ which my mum and I saw the first day we met you (but couldn’t quite describe - it was just ‘style’ and your love of photography) is in every single photo. P and I cannot thank you enough!
You may be delighted to know that we first viewed our wedding photos last night from Cartagena in Colombia. Thank goodness the current hotel and area has decent WiFi!!!

We are traveling at the moment, due back before Christmas. It will be then before we get through the individual images and give them the proper time they deserve. Looking forward to pouring myself a glass of festive cheer and getting lost in them. Again, we thank you so so much for everything.

We will see you at N+B's wedding when we get back in December. Beware.. I’ll likely bombard you with a massive hug - as I don’t know how else I can thank you enough.

Sending our love from South America,


Hannah, I am shattered. We sat up til 1 oclock this morning going through all the photos. It really was like reliving the day all over again.

Thank you soo much Hannah they are amazing. You don't realise how much you actually miss out on at your own wedding until you see all the different pics that you have managed to capture.

We honestly had goosebumps going through them all last night. You have managed to capture some very special memories not just for us but for lots of our guests also. Think you managed to get a few more tears from our mums and dads too last night when we sent it on to them so as you say.... your work here is done.

Love E+D


Hannah, I have no words! OMG! We are so buzzing right now! So so so happy with our wedding photographs. We could never have even dreamed that they would turn out so fab! They are literally amazing! You captured every moment of the day so well. We are so happy that you were our wedding photographer as you were so easy & lovely to work with & the pictures speak for themselves. You are a very talented lady indeed! We have literally spent the last week going over & over them again with family & friends & everyone loves them! We laughed, cried & laughed some more so a heartfelt thank you for that too.
One million billion thank yous,
L+M xxxx



What time does bridal prep coverage start from?

Typically, bridal prep coverage will start two hours before your ceremony start time. I will normally shoot 90 mins bridal preparation coverage in the morning then leave for the ceremony location 30 minutes before it starts to get some shots of the boys and guest arriving.

What about groom prep coverage?

If you have booked a second shooter with your package, you should expect one hour of coverage in the location where the boys are getting ready, with the remainder of the morning time used to cover the boys at the ceremony location. Usually, in my experience, about one hour is plenty for the boys in the morning!

What time do you leave/how long do you stay?

Depending on what plan you choose, I will stay up until the point where you and your bridal party make your entrance into the reception room, or I will stay up until 10pm which will be enough time to cover speeches, a good bit of the dancing and if it is summertime, a bit of an evening portrait session (highly, highly recommended).

Do you charge mileage?

If your wedding ceremony location (Church or other Venue) is in excess of 50 miles from your Reception Location (hotel, Marquee etc.) then due to the subsequent time constraints on the day it will be necessary to book Full Day Coverage (anything from Plan 2 upward). Otherwise I will not have enough time to capture your day properly.
I do not charge milage, however if your wedding is located particularly far away (for example Munster/Connaught) there will be a small additional charge (don't worry, it is not high at all and I shoot in far away locations several times every season!)

I love natural photos, I absolutely hate being in front of the camera! Will you keep it natural?

This is thee number one statement I hear from my couples!!! I get this every. single. time!!! And I consider it a great compliment when people who like natural photos and are a bit shy in front of the camera come to me because they like the natural feel of my work! Believe it or not, I hate getting my photo taken too. I am sort of an introverted extrovert, if that makes sense! It is hard to feel natural, going for a walk with a camera following you. Believe me, I totally get where you are coming from.
But trust me, it will be just fine. I will blend in on your wedding day. I love having the crack! By the end of the day I will probably have shed a tear at your speeches, laughed my head off at your banter and given you a big squeezy hug before I go. All we need to do is take time out during your day to go for a walk together and get portraits. That’s it. And normally my couples are glad to get that wee bit of a breather and spend that time together. Take that tiny slice of your day to go for a walk out with me, create those memories together and they will hang on your wall as you grow old together. That’s all there is to it.
Group shots however, do take time so I recommend you keep them to a minimum.

How do we book you?

Yay! I am so pleased you like the sound of me! Before we book, I recommend a quick chat either by phone, meeting face to face or Skype if you live in abroad (so many of my couples live in Australia! And quite a few are in England, Canada and the USA too! A Big Hello if you are amongst them!) If you are abroad and want to Facetime or Skype, just let me know so I can stick on a bit of make-up first, in case I frighten you away!
If you are local, let’s take time out for a wee cup of coffee and a bun, a quick natter and let me hear all about your vibe. After that I can send you my booking form (it is all done online, a quick tick of a few boxes!)
I work on a first come, first served basis. Once I send you my booking form you have ten days to complete and return it along with a retainer fee of £450 and I am your wee woman for the day!

Are you insured?

Absolutely. 100% insured for your peace of mind as well as my own.