What time does bridal prep coverage start from?

Typically, bridal prep coverage will start two hours before your ceremony start time. I will normally shoot 90 mins bridal preparation coverage in the morning then leave for the ceremony location 30 minutes before it starts to get some shots of the boys and guest arriving.

What about groom prep coverage?

If you have booked a second shooter with your package, you should expect one hour of coverage in the location where the boys are getting ready, with the remainder of the morning time used to cover the boys at the ceremony location. Usually, in my experience, about one hour is plenty for the boys in the morning!

What time do you leave/how long do you stay?

From 2022 weddings are now all-inclusive meaning I cover from morning preparations until the first dance.

Do you charge mileage?

I do not charge milage unless your wedding is located particularly far away (for example Munster/Connaught or abroad) there will be a small additional charge (don't worry, it is not high at all and I shoot in far away locations several times every season!)

I love natural photos, I absolutely hate being in front of the camera! Will you keep it natural?

This is thee number one statement I hear from my couples!!! I get this every. single. time!!! And I consider it a great compliment when people who like natural photos and are a bit shy in front of the camera come to me because they like the natural feel of my work! Believe it or not, I hate getting my photo taken too. I am sort of an introverted extrovert, if that makes sense! It is hard to feel natural, going for a walk with a camera following you. Believe me, I totally get where you are coming from.
But trust me, it will be just fine. I will blend in on your wedding day. I love having the crack! By the end of the day I will probably have shed a tear at your speeches, laughed my head off at your banter and given you a big squeezy hug before I go. All we need to do is take time out during your day to go for a walk together and get portraits. That’s it. And normally my couples are glad to get that wee bit of a breather and spend that time together. Take that tiny slice of your day to go for a walk out with me, create those memories together and they will hang on your wall as you grow old together. That’s all there is to it.
Group shots however, do take time so I recommend you keep them to a minimum.

How do we book you?

Yay! I am so pleased you like the sound of me! Before we book, I recommend a quick chat either by phone, meeting face to face or Skype if you live in abroad (so many of my couples live in Australia! And quite a few are in England, Canada and the USA too! A Big Hello if you are amongst them!) If you are abroad and want to Facetime or Skype, just let me know so I can stick on a bit of make-up first, in case I frighten you away!
If you are local, let’s take time out for a wee cup of coffee and a bun, a quick natter and let me hear all about your vibe. After that I can send you my booking form (it is all done online, a quick tick of a few boxes!)
I work on a first come, first served basis. Once I send you my booking form you have ten days to complete and return it along with a retainer fee of £450 and I am your wee woman for the day!


After the dress is packed away, the last crumb from the cake is eaten, your make up washed off and the band plays their last note, all you are left with are your memories. It is so important to immortalise them through your wedding photography in a style that speaks to you. I love mingling with people and tagging along at weddings. It's the best office workplace in the whole world. I often come home from a wedding feeling like I have just made a brand new set of friends. I walk alongside you from the beginning to the end and see everything in-between. And I love it.

From 2021 onwards, all weddings booked are full day coverage with a Fine Art wedding Album. Please contact me for more information.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. 100% insured for your peace of mind as well as my own.