Niamh and Eoin – Christmas Wedding at Cabra Castle

January 12, 2021

Lets celebrate every day of joy we have. Niamh and Eoin provided the best day in the midst of November 2020. They braved it, they went for it. They got married at Cabra Castle amongst the selected number of friends and family that Covid would allow and the atmosphere was absolutely alive. Never have I seen such goodwill. It felt like there was 200 people in the room, not 20. Yes we had to maintain distance, but this day was really alive!



Small weddings do not mean a diminished day. In fact, the weddings I have shot during the pandemic have been infused with a stronger sense of spirit. Almost like, we have been kept under wraps for so long that when we break free, when we decide to just go for it, even within set limits, we make every second of that day count. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot Niamh and Eoins wedding. It was beautiful, everything about it had a deeper sense of meaning.

It’s a brave thing to do and they deserved the best day. I think its up there with one of the best!

Congratulations Niamh and Eoin! Your wedding was beautiful x